BLOXHUB Mornings event 28/10: Fablabs, sharing and local production

Next BLOXHUB Mornings event takes place on October 28th, 8-10AM Meet our colleague and co-founder of UNDERBROEN, Mikkel Christian Knudsen Holst, to a talk about how open innovation,  hardware and digital tools foster new ...

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Building the Smart City network infrastructure

Right now, Street Lab is busy with the last preparations for the official opening on June 8. The photo shows the installation of an access point at City Hall Square.  At the opening, several Smart City use cases will ...

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Circular Economy Workshop January 24

The City of Copenhagen is currently developing initiatives for the future circular city.  Copenhagen Solutions Lab plays an active role in this work and is co-organizing a Circular Economy workshop in cooperation with the Resource & Waste Team at ...

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City Data Exchange

The City Data Exchange is a private/public collaboration to examine the possibilities of private/public data exchange. The project will examine purchasing, selling and sharing a broad range of data types between all kinds of users in a city ...

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Conference May 21: Citizens involvement in the Smart City

Digital platforms can make it easier for city actors to engage in development – formally and informally. Citizens, businesses and organisations can quickly mobilize, both to influence local agendas and decision-making processes and to get things to happen. The conference wi...

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Copenhagen Circular Economy Workshop

  • 12/04/2019

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