Anna Sofie Jacobsen

Programme Coordinator

Anna is Copenhagen Solutions Lab’s programme coordinator. She has previously worked in the Ministry of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs and at MindLab, the state's innovation laboratory. Her educational background is in urban development and international business. Anna’s work at Copenhagen Solutions Lab focuses on strategic value creation. In this area, Anna focuses on skill development, strategy and relations with other units and departments. The goal is for Copenhagen Solutions Lab to be able to create value in the municipality’s departments, solving Copenhagen’s complex problems in collaboration with the market.
  • Marius Sylvestersen

    Programme Manager

  • Rasmus Reeh

    Senior Consultant

  • Anna Sofie Jacobsen

    Programme Coordinator

  • Malene Højland Pedersen

    Project Manager

  • Kim Spiegelberg Stelzer

    Senior Adviser

  • Frans la Cour

    Project Manager and Technical Consultant

  • Tina Hjøllund

    Senior Project Manager

  • Christian Gaarde Nielsen

    Project Manager

  • Olivia Hecht Stenum

    Student Assistant

  • Lasse Bundgaard

    Industrial PhD

  • Christina Anderskov

    Project Manager