Help Copenhagen to park


The City of Copenhagen have approached the parking problem by collecting data from 30 different sources, most of which are related to parking and traffic situations, but also including incidents, events, excavation work etc. These historical data and real-time data have then been combined and through algorithms and machine learning it is now possible to predict where to find vacant parking spots.
A proof of concept was made during the summer of 2017, which identified methods to predict the parking pattern on different days and provide drivers with information about the probability of finding a vacant parking space.

Now these data have been made readily available to developers and providers of navigation equipment, mobile apps and more - free of charge.

Use Copenhagen data
The goal of the Smart Parking Initiative is minimizing parking search time, which will reduce emission and thereby be another step towards becoming a CO2 neutral city. However, there is need for help to transform the data into new services like:

  • Upgrading existing navigation platforms with information on nearest parking space and the price of parking
  • Providing an overview of nearby public parking spaces
  • Guide drivers to a parking space near certain vicinities such as restaurants, stores and more

Further information
Are you interested in more information about Copenhagen’s Smart Parking Initiative and getting free access to parking data, please contact us.