Flow Data Solutions

See the results of our market dialogue on flow data solutions.


Copenhagen Solutions Lab carried out a market dialogue about flow data solutions. The purpose was to identify the best solutions for collecting data about cyclists and pedestrian flows.

During the process we have been in touch with 30 companies from a range of industries and received 12 proposals for innovative solutions on flow data collection. Now we share the results from the project.

Key lessons from the market dialogue

The report evaluates 12 solutions. The solutions are categorized according to technology and assessed by the quality of data they provide. Two things became apparent during the project.

  1. Different solutions are suitable for different use cases. This emphasizes the importance of defining the purpose of the data collection before settling on a technical solution.
  2. The cost of installing and powering sensors in the street could potentially account for a large part of the total costs of data collection. This makes solutions which doesn’t require sensors preferable in many cases.

Download the full report here.

The purpose of the report is to foster innovation and enable data driven urban development by sharing knowledge between industries, cities and public organizations.