City Data Exchange: Privat-Public Collaboration on Data Exchange


The City Data Exchange is a private/public collaboration to examine the possibilities of private/public data exchange. The project will examine purchasing, selling and sharing a broad range of data types between all kinds of users in a city – citizens, public institutions and private companies.

The project is a collaboration between Copenhagen Municipality, the Capital Region, CLEAN (a Danish clean-tech cluster) and Hitachi.

The vision of this collaboration is to create a shared data hub to foster innovation and inspire new thinking that will improve the quality of life in the Copenhagen area, stimulate business activity, and help to achieve Copenhagen’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2025. The project will aim to establish a citywide data marketplace, City Data Exchange, for data owned by public authorities and private companies. In this way  the project aims to make it possible for established big, small and medium-sized companies, start-up companies, universities and the public sector to collaborate by consolidating more diverse sources of information.

Until now the project has been running several experiments into the organizational and technical setup of a citywide marketplace for the purchase and sale of data, between all sorts of users in the market. The technical part of this can be seen at the which is a platform developed by Hitachi.

Through the winter, the project will move into the Sharing of experience phase. This phase will result in a series of papers on private/public data exchange and collaboration. Return here or follow us on twitter to know more.