AI4Cities selects 20 suppliers to continue to Phase 2 of the project

10 suppliers in the Mobility Lot and 10 suppliers in the Energy Lot will continue to Phase 2 of the AI4Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement project, where they will get the chance to create the first prototype of their solution


AI4Cities launched its Request for Tenders in December 2020, inviting tenderers to submit innovative AI solutions in the fields of energy and mobility. Now 20 suppliers have been selected to continue to Phase 2 of the project. During this phase each of the selected suppliers will receive a maximum of 80.000 Euro to create the first prototype of the solutions they proposed in Phase 1. They will be supported in this by the partner cities of the Ai4Cities project. Phase 2 started this month and will last until December 2021, after which the Buyers Group will make the final shift and choose the six suppliers (three in each lot) that will continue to the final phase of the project. In this phase the developed solutions will be tested in a minimum of two cities.

Copenhagen is focusing solely on the field of energy and have therefore been part of choosing the 10 suppliers for the Energy Lot. This lot represents a wide variety of AI-related energy solutions but has a clear focus on making the building sector more energy efficient and sustainable. The 10 selected suppliers are:

  • BEE: By easily integrating into a building and combining its data with external sources, their solution automatically derives an optimal control to minimize energy usage and shift consumption to renewables.
  • Their solution provides cities with a near real-time live carbon emission monitoring solution, articulated around 5 services that empower all stakeholders with actionable insights regarding the emissions in all sectors.
  • Enerbrain: Their Plug & Play IoT solution smartly interconnects all energy stakeholders and controls any type of building in an automated and optimized manner.
  • Heroes: The solution that they propose aims at reducing energy consumption of public buildings by using AI, IoT & Cloud technologies.
  • Holoni: Their vision is to provide smart city ecosystems an intelligent and decentralised peer-to-peer energy marketplace platform.
  • IBM Danmark: Their Flex Planner Tool dramatically reduces the time to assess, plan and promote investments for energy flexibility and efficiency in buildings.
  • Loopfront: They are an AI collaboration platform made to empower building owners and the construction industry, removing barriers, and creating a structure for circular activities.
  • Rebase: They are working on an open-source platform for setting up local energy markets and smart agents for energy management and trading.
  • Symvio: Their solution uses automated data analytics and machine learning methods to supervise building systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  • The Predictive Company: Their solution is a predictive energy management system supported by AI, that learns the energy profile of a building infrastructure, to forecast its real energy demand.

The AI4Cities Buyers Group consists of lead procurer Forum Virium, representing the City of Helsinki, Cap Digital, representing Paris Region, the City of Amsterdam, the City of Copenhagen, the City of Tallinn, and the City of Stavanger.

In the next few months more in-depth information will be communicated about these solutions via the AI4Cities website and its social media channels. For now a more detailed overview of the solutions can be found here