Adding air quality to city planning – Designing Thrive Zones for the youngest city residents


Many cities are increasingly aware of air pollution as a hazard to human health. The City of Copenhagen invites you to a debate on how to design cities that is both inviting, inclusive, healthy and social.

The event takes place Thursday the 10/10 2019 at BLOXHUB at 18.00 - 19.00, during the C40 Mayors Summit in Copenhagen. Register here via Billetto.

Together with Gehl, Utrecht University, and Bernard van Leer Foundation, and Clean Air Fund, the City of Copenhagen tie air quality data to urban experiences of children under 5. The collaboration aims to create a long-term vision for a healthy public realm with pilot projects that can be brought to life in the short-term.

We know urban design influences the ways we live. This effort augments data on hyperlocal air quality measurements from the Airview collaboration between Google and the City of Copenhagen with public life data from Gehl. The goal is to provide practitioners, urban planners and decision makers with tools in the form of fact-based design codes for healthy urban environments. The first step of the project has focused on how to establish a clean air network in districts to invite children and their caretakers to areas with better air quality.

At this event we will present the ideas and preliminary work in the project. The aim is to get a constructive dialogue and feedback. After the event we can continue dialogue at the BLOXHUB “party like tomorrow”, just remember to register to the party with an email to (for more information on this read more here).

If you would like to know more read about the project here.