05.10 2023
Great potential in optimizing energy with artificial intelligence

Can we use artificial intelligence and digital platform solutions to save energy and create climate benefits? Copenhagen Municipality's …

14.10 2022
Tre startup-virksomheder har testet AI-baserede klimaløsninger i København

I alt har syv virksomheder samarbejdet med seks byer om at udvikle og teste AI-værktøjer til bæredygtig byplanlægning i AI4Cities-projektet.

06.10 2022
CPH Solutions Lab and AI4Cities invite you to World Summit AI

The EU-funded project Ai4Cities will be present as a partner at the World Summit AI in Amsterdam, from 12-13 October.

04.10 2022
Digitalt værktøj skal hjælpe almene boliger med energioptimering

Ved hjælp af et værktøj til at bearbejde bygningsdata, har KAB fundet tre potentielle tiltag til at sænke varmeforbruget i to boligblokke.

23.02 2022
Energy optimization of buildings using artificial intelligence

Københavns Ejendomme og Indkøb and Copenhagen Solutions Lab collaborate to lower energy consumption in the municipality's buildings.

11.11 2021
Test of data-driven solutions for district heating shows great potential for savings

Copenhagen Solutions Lab have just finished a partnership project about self-learning and data-driven solutions for district heating, that …

30.09 2021
AI4Cities selects 20 suppliers to continue to Phase 2 of the project

10 suppliers in the Mobility Lot and 10 suppliers in the Energy Lot will continue to Phase 2 of the AI4Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement …

25.05 2021
New measurements of the air quality in Copenhagen show high levels of ultrafine particles

The results from the project ‘Copenhagen Air View’, that has been carried out in collaboration with Google and Utrecht University, have …

06.05 2021
AI4Cities selects suppliers to continue to Phase 1 of its Pre-Commercial Procurement

In Phase 1 the selected companies will develop their AI-based solutions further and work on a full plan for the development of a prototype

01.03 2021
Change in flow around the City Hall Square after the new Metro City Ring and COVID-19

Mapping of the patterns of flow in the area around the City Hall Square, carried out by Copenhagen Solutions Lab in collaboration with …

22.02 2021
Five Nordic Cities launch an Open Call for Healthy Liveable Neighbourhoods

Together with four other Nordic cities, Copenhagen Solutions Lab is launching an open call for agile pilots seeking innovative solutions to …

18.01 2021
Artificial Intelligence will reduce the energy consumption in the City of Copenhagen

A new collaborative project between Copenhagen Solutions Lab and Copenhagen City Properties, Facility Management and Procurement will …

14.01 2021
Digital tools support Corona measures

Copenhagen Solutions Lab have just finished a pan-European project with the aim of developing digital tools that can support the …

11.01 2021
Nordic City leaders launch competition to identify Smart City innovators

Today Nordic and Balitc technology startups are being invited to apply to a new challenge competition launched today, aimed at identifying …

03.12 2020
AI4Cities launches its Request for Tenders

Tenderers are invited to submit innovative AI solutions in the fields of energy and mobility. These solutions should contribute to the …

02.11 2020
Experiences and optimism from AI4Cities Bootcamp

The experiences gained from the AI4Cities Bootcamp show how an online bootcamp can be a great tool for an open market dialogue. At the same …

30.08 2020
Sign up for AI4Cities Bootcamp

Copenhagen Solutions Lab invite you to sign up for the Get ready: AI4Cities Bootcamp. This coaching bootcamp is directed to all interested …

24.06 2020
Staging of electric scooters

A group of students from the University of Aalborg, have examined the staging of electric scooters in their bachelor project. Copenhagen …

15.06 2020
AI4Cities Copenhagen webinar

Are you working within AI, energy solutions, building energy consumption or IoT and do you want to be part of working for a more …

22.04 2020
New Nordic Smart City collaboration with focus on health

The Nordic Smart City Network , that Copenhagen Solutions Lab is part of, has established a partnership with 20 Nordic cities on creating …

05.02 2020
Six European cities will use artificial intelligence to move towards carbon neutrality

Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris Region, Stavanger and Tallinn will challenge companies to develop innovative solutions on the fields …

19.11 2019
Tender for air measuring stations

Prior to the summer holidays, Copenhagen Solution Lab held a market dialogue about air measurement stations. It has provided new knowledge …

11.10 2019
First local air measurements published

Google and Copenhagen Solutions Lab's preliminary map on the Ultrafine Particles and Black Carbon in Copenhagen give new insights. A year …

03.10 2019
Adding air quality to city planning – Designing Thrive Zones for the youngest city residents

Adding air quality to city planning – Designing Thrive Zones for the youngest city residents