Street Lab Use Cases

Street Lab consists of different use cases that are centered around an urban challenge. The use cases demonstrate the value IoT and smart city technologies can pose in addressing these urban challenges.

Intelligent Waste Management

The aim with this use case is to test how we as a city can optimise our waste collection with digital tools. We test how we can plan a more efficient waste collection route by monitoring individual waste bins and glass containers and how filled they are based on real-time data. This will hopefully prevent overfilled waste bins throughout the city, but will also mean a reduction in fuel (waste collectors wasting time driving to empty waste bins), labor costs and CO2-emissions plus better service delivery to the citizens.


Air Quality

With this use case, the aim is to test the quality of smaller, cheaper and more flexible sensors, to get a more detailed picture of air quality in Copenhagen. The sensors are intended to measure pollutive particles, noise and weather conditions (temperature and humidity).

As the official measuring stations contain expensive and advances equipment, we wish to explore the possibility to obtain similarly qualitative data on air quality with smaller and cheaper sensors, which can more easily be scaled to larger parts of the city.

Smart Parking

According to a study every car driver wastes about 100 hours a year on average looking for a parking space and causes over 30 procent of traffic in a city. This costs time, fuel and…nerves!

This use case will help drivers find free parking spots in inner city, saving time, reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Street Lab will facilitate the testing of various sensor solutions and other smart parking solutions from different company providers.

Smart City Infrastructure

New digital solutions supporting the urban development of Copenhagen requires a digital infrastructure in order to be rolled out on a larger scale. The City along with its partners behind Street Lab have installed a smart city infrastructure covering 1 square kilometre of streets in the centre of Copenhagen where different wireless technologies are tested.

The infrastructure is the backbone in Copenhagen Street Lab. It will make it possible to connect and communicate with sensors placed in the streets and collect and combine data from various sources and manufacturers.

City Wi-fi

A limited geographical area in the inner city that is a focal area for tourism, traffic and urban ‘bustle’ is to serve as the physical starting point for a City Wi-Fi phase one project. The City Wi-Fi use case will allow for tourism focused access, applications and location based services. It will give tourists and citizens the opportunity of online information about current activities throughout the city.