Join Talent Week 2015 for hacks, labs and talks on the future of cities


Together with the Danish Architecture Centre we would like to invite everyone interested on the future of cities to join ‘Talent Week’  for five days of hacks, labs and talks for a smarter city. It takes places in Copenhagen from August 17th-21st 2015.

Sprout Talent Week 2015 is for up-and coming urban innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and students interested in the physical, social and urban space of a smarter city. You can choose between two labs ‘Hacking the City’ and ‘Sensing the City’.

Hacking the city

Cph Solutions Lab is case-owner on ‘Hacking the City’ which is centered on our Inner City test area on Vester Voldgade – The City Hall Square, Stormgade and the square in front of Den Classenske Legatskole. ‘Hacking the City’ is mentored by talented professionals from the Alexandra Institute, IFHP and Urbego, who will guide the participants in collecting, interpreting and visualizing data to finally create the concept of a digital-physical installation that will encourage tourists to actively be a part of the urban environment of Vester Voldgade.

The case: Vester Voldgade

A conversion of Vester Voldgade in 2013 has reduced traffic, enhanced the boulevard atmosphere, adding rows of trees, new open spaces and wide promenades, and giving pedestrians priority on what was once a very busy stretch.The object of converting Vester Voldgade was to create a pleasant promenade, which would be attractive to residents, visitors and tourists, creating an urban buzz with space for play, meeting points, shops and culture. However the conversion has not attracted a great number of new pedestrians to the area. Within the next couple of years new cultural institutions such as Bryghusgrunden and the City Museum will be part of the area now called The Cultural District. How do we prepare the area for its new role as cultural district? Can we divert tourist flow from the busy area around The City Hall Square even before the cultural institutions have moved into the area?
Open talks on the future of cities
During the Talent there’s a lot of interesting talks, workshops and events from doers and thinkers within the future of cities, digital technologies, architecture and design. The programme is well worth a look:

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