How can artificial intelligence support cities in achieving ambitious climate plan goals?

AI4Cities is a three-year EU project that explores how artificial intelligence can help six cities solve their climate challenges. The cities will present their challenges to some companies, which over a three years will have the opportunity to come up with solutions and test their prototypes in the cities.
The six cities responsible for the project are Amsterdam, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Paris Region, Stavanger, and Tallinn.

The goal is to further develop energy optimization in buildings using artificial intelligence. The participating companies, in the PCP process, must base themselves on the challenges of the cities and, in dialogue with them, design solutions/prototypes, which in the latter part of the project will be tested in one or two of the participating cities. The project has the means to test six solutions in the energy field and six on mobility. In the project, Copenhagen will focus on CO2 savings in public buildings, optimizing indoor climate, and interaction with the energy grid.
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The project starts with an open market consultation webinar on May 28, 2020
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