Partnerships ensure innovative urban solutions, investments and growth


With the ambition of becoming the world's first CO2-neutral capital in 2025, Copenhagen has established partnerships with a number of companies worldwide. This means that the municipality currently has a number of specific solutions on the way to enhance the way we provide services to the growing number of locals, commuters and tourists. Solutions which are only possible thanks to business partnerships that ensure new data on e.g. air pollution, traffic patterns and waste. Here, Copenhagen Solutions Lab plays a central role.
Partnerships with smaller scale growth companies and with leading, multi-national companies let Copenhagen come first with better and cheaper services for citizens in a number of areas. For companies, the collaboration with Copenhagen Municipality provides the opportunity to develop relevant products and services that are in demand in a global context. It is an important tool for creating growth and jobs.

"Copenhagen has been a fantastic partner in this project. Their openness has meant that we, in a short period of time, have been able to transform our ideas into concrete IoT projects that are in use today. "
Niels Münster-Hansen, Managing Director at Cisco Denmark

The global market for smart city solutions is expected to be worth approximately 400 billion USD in 2020, and Copenhagen has great potential for attracting investment and supporting growth companies in this field. Multinational technology companies like American Cisco have been interested in testing and developing smart city solutions in continuation of innovation partnerships with Copenhagen Solutions Lab. And innovative growth companies such as Spiio and Nordsense have worked closely with Copenhagen Solutions Lab to develop future urban solutions, providing citizens with quality service and companies with significant growth. We are currently working on initiating a partnership between Google and Copenhagen Municipality.

• Cisco signed a MOU with Copenhagen and invested, with two other major companies, about 15 million DKK in building the urban laboratory, Street Lab. The laboratory now serves as a testing area for different types of urban solutions.

• Nordsense tested solutions at one of Copenhagen Solutions Lab’s city labs. The test of their product was so promising that they were offered a place in a start-up process in BLOX. The company subsequently raised 13 million DKK from three US investors.