Summary from workshop on air monitoring stations


The City of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Solutions Lab carried out a market dialogue about Air Monitoring Stations to examine the possibilities for setting up and operating different types of municipal street monitoring stations in the city. The purpose was to gain insights into how the market work with measurements and data collection of air pollutants like ultrafine particles and NO2 among others as the monitoring will focus on measuring the air’s content of harmful substances to give a more accurate description of the health-related consequences of air pollution in the city.
The dialog proceeds a potential procurement, but this has not been established yet.

During the process we have been in touch with 25 companies and universities and the main take-aways from the dialog can be downloaded here.

Market dialog program for April 11th, 2019
13.00 – 13.10 Welcome and the discussion’s objective
13.10 – 13.20 Presentation of the city’s decision and potential procurement
13.20 – 13.35 Presentation of EU requirements for data quality
13.35 – 14.00 Presentation for measuring methods, data and health-related consequences
14.00 – 14.15 Break
14.15 – 15.40 Workshops with the following themes:
-Data and health-related consequences
-Measuring methods and localisation
-Models for monitoring stations
15.40 – 16.00 Highlights of the day and process

Presentations on the day:
Mette Overgaard, Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark
Zorana Andersen, University of Copenhagen Department of Public Health