Singapore-Denmark Smart City Dialogue


Putting People First in the Cities of Tomorrow

28 October 2015. The 50th anniversary of close bilateral ties between Singapore and Denmark

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the bilateral close ties between Singapore and Denmark Morten Kabell, Technical and Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen, and Senior Smart City Consultant at Copenhagen Solutions Lab Søren Kvist, joined a delegation of Danish companies to give presentations at the first meeting on Singapore-Denmark Smart City Dialogue. Under the theme ‘Putting People First in the Cities of Tomorrow’  the Dialogue was focused on three areas; Co-creating Smart Cities, Harnessing Big Data, and Urban mobility. The two countries are comparable with each other as they both have a small population of 5.5 million people, and have a very ambitious Smart City agenda to improve the life of commuters and residents by creating smart solutions relevant to the rest of the of the world.

One of the important subjects presented at the meeting was water and sustainability in a Smart City. In Singapore there is a lack of natural resources and Singapore have embarked in innovative solutions for sustainability. Singapore is transforming themselves from importing all its water from Malaysia to become self-sufficient by 2061, where the water agreement with Malaysia expires. This makes Singapore one of the best places to co-create and test-bed new technological solutions. The water sector is an area where Singapore and Denmark already are partners and have set up Water & Environment Research Centre and Education Hub in Singapore.

With its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025, and the need to manage an estimated 20% increase in population, Copenhagen is looking to harness big data to reduce traffic congestion, lower carbon emissions and improve the quality of life of its citizens. Copenhagen adopts a triple helix model where universities, industries and citizens contribute with knowledge to co-create cities of tomorrow in its newly established Copenhagen Solutions Lab. Focus is on Copenhagen Connecting and award winning common digital infrastructure platform for solving some of the urban challenges in a smarter way covering the city in line with traditional infrastructures such as roads, heating, electricity etc. This approach has multiple advantages to reach the goal of carbon neutrality, such as optimized traffic flow, savings on car hours and fuel reduction.

The Smart City Dialogue is exploring opportunities for collaboration of Smart City projects where Singapore and Copenhagen can learn from each other beneficial for both countries in the efforts to solve urban and climate challenges.

Read about Danish Smart City competencies in the Singaporean market in a newly published report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs