Open call for smart parking solutions


Smart City Street Lab are looking for solution providers within smart parking to test and demonstrate their solutions in the Inner City test area. In it, multiple use cases and the related solutions have been addressed, and it is the aim to arrive at a ‘phase one’ deployment of street based solutions in the Street Lab, with scalability for further deployment built into the initial planning and deployment. Solution deployment is to take place in the final quarter of 2015.

Among the most important use cases is smart parking. Smart parking is about reducing search traffic and congestion by referring road users directly to an available parking space, for example through apps or the routing systems they already use. With this use case the City of Copenhagen wants to test and demonstrate different suppliers’ solutions to detect vacant parking spots, as well as services to guide citizens to nearest available parking spot. Furthermore data should be openly published on the City of Copenhagens Open Data Portal, in order to be used for open innovation.

Benefits for the selected suppliers:

    - Showcase of solution in a real urban environment, Street Lab, in the heart of Copenhagen.

    • Proof of concept of sensors that can be scaled to wider areas of the city, and beyond.
    • Test parking service with citizens in Copenhagen.

Benefits for the city and citizens of Copenhagen:

    - Information for citizens on available parking spots, which is a cause of annoyance for many drivers in the inner city.
  1. Information for the municipality on deployment of parking sensors, vendors of solutions, type of solution in a Copenhagen context.
  2. Proof of concept of parking sensors that can be scaled to wider areas of the city.

Open call for smart parking vendors

We’re hosting a smart parking workshop on June 25th to meet with various smart parking vendors, understand their proposition, and understand if and how each vendor could become part of the project. We would very much like to invite interested vendors to join – and present your proposition, product, service. It is possible to participate via telepresence.