Market dialogue – intelligent rat control


The municipality of Copenhagen is the country’s largest with just over 600,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 86 square kilometers. In recent years, the municipality has had an increase in population of approx. 1000 new citizens every month. This growth causes many challenges in preventing and fighting rats.

Like other places in the country, there has also been an increase in the number of rat reportings in the municipality of Copenhagen. Over the last 10 years the number of reports has increased 38%, from approx. 4,500 to about 7,500. The reasons for the increase are unknown, but some of the action plan initiatives aim to give a better understanding of this development.

The day-to-day rat control in the City of Copenhagen is carried out by the municipality’s own authorized personnel in the Pest Control Unit. The unit today consists of 22 employees – a unit manager, an environmental inspector, three prevention workers, a coordinator and 15 outgoing staff members.

This market dialogue aims at accelerating the phasing out of poison traps, and partly to explore the possibility of streamlining supervisory work with the traps found. We are only looking for traps that works on ground, not in the sewerage system.

Action Plan for Rat Control 2015-2018 (in danish)

We are looking for solutions that optimally can do 3 things:

Catch or kill rats effectively without poison on ground level
Report when the trap needs emptying
Optimize employee efforts
Our priorities are durability, low maintenance and proven results.

The market dialogue runs until November 27th 2017,

If you wish to participate please contact