Life in the smart city


The Economist has written an article on "Life in the smart city" where Copenhagen Solutions Lab's collaboration with Google AirView-projektet is described:

In Copenhagen, as in many cities around the world, air quality is high on the agenda when it comes to livability, with 68 percent of citizens citing it as of high importance when it comes to what makes their city attractive. In an effort to monitor pollution levels, Copenhagen Solutions Lab is currently working with Google, and has installed monitoring equipment in its Streetview car in order to produce a map of air quality around the city. The project also gives a glimpse of the future, when this kind of information could be collected in real time by sensors all over the city and collated with traffic flow data.

We’ll start to manage and steer our traffic patterns much more in relation to what would be the consequences on air quality in the city, so it becomes not just about getting people from A to B as quickly as possible, but also minimising the amount of pollution.The data will also contribute to the entire planning of the city. We’ll know which roads to close, and which to make one-way, where to build schools and nurseries, things like that.

Marius Sylvestersen, Programme Manager, Copenhagen Solutions Lab