Huge interest in smart city at CPH Climate Solutions 2016!


Today the annual climate conference in Copenhagen will open. More than 300 participants from across the world will come to Copenhagen to learn more about the Climate Plan 2025 and discuss current initiatives, challenges and opportunities.

One of the main topics this year is on how to leverage sensor technology and big data to support the climate plan, and Copenhagen Solutions Lab is proud to host a smart city debate with representatives from Danish cities, the city of Amsterdam and various companies.

We will discuss future plans, trends and opportunities towards reaching our ambitious goals in becoming smart and climate-friendly cities. Over 100 people are attending the debate and we can’t wait to learn and share knowledge with you!

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to giving a guided tour around our new living labs in the city centre: Street Lab and UNDERBROEN (Fablab/Makerspace). Participants will get a chance to see air quality sensors, parking and waste control solutions as well as exploring 3D printers and modern digital fabrication tools. We will also discuss co-creation and public-private innovation opportunities.