Hitachi builds a new innovative platform


Hitachi is building an innovative platform for the city of Copenhagen. This project will contribute to Copenhagen’s ambitious goal of becoming the first carbon neutral city in 2025. It will also help improve quality of life for the citizens as well as bring new business opportunities to the city.

The platform is supported by the Copenhagen Municipality, CLEAN (a Danish clean-tech cluster), the Capital Region and a consortium of other partners. The objective is to take a further step beyond the existing open data platforms by developing a citywide marketplace for the purchase and sale of data between all sorts of users in the market. This marketplace is called the City Data Exchange and is the first of its kind to deliver and integrate public and private data at one place. In this way it will be possible for big established companies, small and medium-sized companies, start-up companies, universities and the public sector to collaborate by consolidating more diverse sources of information. This will meet the complex challenges within sustainability and quality of life.

The City Data Exchange will make it possible to purchase, sell and share a broad range of data types between all kinds of users in a city – citizens, public institutions and companies.