EnergyBlock is the test site of Copenhagen Solutions Labs for Decentralised Energy and Blockchain solutions. It will explore the potential of utilising renewable energy sources in an existing urban environment and connecting them to an open blockchain for energy. The ambition is to showcase and demonstrate to citizens, investors and decision makers a proof of concept for scaling in other parts of Copenhagen, as well to other cities.

EnergyBlock is developed from a sustainability perspective. The introduction of renewable energy sources introduce falling prices on energy. While this is a benefit to consumers, it also challenges present infrastructures to its capacity and to cover the capital expenditures of the existing investments.

As a result, EnergyBlock works to combine agendas. In 2017 EnergyBlock will analyse the benefits of combined local energy production and local food production from a rooftop greenhouse while accommodating a social agenda of local job creation. By doing this, we will add a multiple bottom line for investments in sustainable, localised energy solutions.

The project is situated in the northwestern district of Copenhagen, called “Nordvest”.

For more information, please contact project lead Rasmus Reeh at

Partners involved
Copenhagen Solutions Lab (the Smart City lab of the City of Copenhagen), Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the District Refurbishment Initiative (Områdefornyelse), Blockchain for Open Collaboration,  Sunmapper, and EnergyDemocracy. The project is funded by Climate-KIC Smart Sustainable Districts programme, and by Interreg Øresund and generously hosted by Procasa at Glentevej 70, 2400 Copenhagen NV.