Copenhagen Solutions Lab speaking on panel with smart city mayors


Copenhagen Solutions Lab was invited to City Innovate conference in San Francisco to present the triple helix model for making Copenhagen a smart city. The triple helix consists of research institutions, private companies and the city of Copenhagen and related public authorities. The role of Copenhagen Solutions Lab is to connect the different sectors and break down silos in order to create intelligent city solutions. The panelists where debating how cities can work with local talent and entrepreneurs, and the role of civic innovations.


Libby Schaaf (Mayor, Oakland)
Herbert Bautista (Mayor, Quezon City, Phillippines)
Kizō Hisamoto (Mayor, Kobe, Japan)
Soichiro Takashima (Mayor, City of Fukuoka, Japan)
Mark Chandler (Director, San Francisco Mayor’s Office)
Søren Kvist (Copenhagen Solutions Lab, City of Copenhagen)