Copenhagen #Climathon, what a happening 24-hours!


Together with Climate-KIC, we have just finished the first Copenhagen Climathon – and it was 24 engaging, challenging and productive hours here at the Copenhagen Solutions Lab. Around 30 participants from all over the world took part in debating climate challenges and developing ideas and solutions to help foster a more climate-friendly behavior of citizens.

The challenge to the participants was formulated like this:

How will Copenhagen motivate behavioral change in our citizens’ to be climate smart through the use of data-driven services?

The focus of the Climathon challenge was particularly on mobility and climate-friendly ways of moving around in the city, as it is central for the City of Copenhagen’s plan to reach carbon-neutrality by 2025. The challenge was divided in four themes: traffic flow, car parking, air quality and bike parking.

The agenda was a full 24-hours of creative process facilitated by Lærke Ullerup and with inspirational input from Lykke Friis on climate change and why action is needed, Sille Krukow from Krukow Design on nudging and behavioral design, Copenhagenize on bicyclist behavior and how to analyse it, Julia Vol from World Watch Institute on mobilizing circularity in cities, and Danish Meteorological Institute on weather data.

Three groups were formed during the first part of the hack to work on traffic flow, air quality and bike parking – all night – to present to the feedback panel next morning.

The feedback panel consisted of Claus Holm, regional sales manager at Cisco, Hans Lindeman, senior vice president at Hitachi Consulting, Jakob Steen Jensen, entrepreneurship lead at Climate-KIC, Per Boesgaard from the Climate Plan at the City of Copenhagen, and Rikke Gram-Hansen, from Cph Solutions Lab.

All three groups came up with great ideas and convincing pitches, and the winner was the bike parking group working on their idea of an on-demand bike parking solution, combined with open data on bike parking and a citizen-centered service to locate and rate bike parking around the city: We look forward to seeing #cyclebox out there in the streets.

We thank all the participants, organizers, speakers, hang-arounds and panellists for making the Copenhagen Climathon such a living, engaging event.