Conference May 21: Citizens involvement in the Smart City


Digital platforms can make it easier for city actors to engage in development – formally and informally. Citizens, businesses and organisations can quickly mobilize, both to influence local agendas and decision-making processes and to get things to happen. The conference will address how planners and other professionals in urban development can best exploit the new digital opportunities to promote interaction with the rest of society for their development.

The conference will also focus on the challenges, barriers and requirements. The technological development, and faster and freer information, creates new demands on administrations. To take advantage of citizens’ momentum is a need for more open and agile management systems. At the same time the need for management and coordination of information and communication.

Come and be inspired how to use civil society as a resource in urban development and participate in discussions on the municipalities new roles and tools and meet Copenhagen Solutions Lab.

The conference takes place in relation to the exhibition ’Co-create your city’ An exhibition about the people, the initiative, and the commitment that change the city. Architects and city planners don’t create our cities. Neither do politicians or big companies. Actually, we as citizens have big influence on how we use and live in the cities.