Building the Smart City network infrastructure


Right now, Street Lab is busy with the last preparations for the official opening on June 8. The photo shows the installation of an access point at City Hall Square.  

At the opening, several Smart City use cases will be presented. And talking about use cases, one thing we shouldn’t overlook is that there has to be a network infrastructure for the solutions to run on.

So what is a Smart City network infrastructure? In Street Lab this is a use case as well.

Various network infrastructure components will be tested over the coming years by the city and the private partners behind Street Lab – Cisco, TDC and Citelum.

Components are physical such as power grid and power cabling as well as digital, and the network technologies will cover both fiber optics and wireless protocols (GSM, WiFi, LPWAN).

The smart city network infrastructure will allow for the testing of several use cases. Some of the first are city WiFi, air quality measurement, smart parking and intelligent waste management.

The official opening of Street Lab will be done by Mayor of Technical and Environmental affairs Morten Kabell on June 8, 12.30 on Dantes Plads.