Archive: Nov 2016


Street Lab is open for partnerships with small and large private companies, start-ups, knowledge institutions and citizens. Our current Public-Private Partnership (PPP) partners can be seen... Read more

Spiio moves to Silicon Valley

We are proud to introduce to you one of our Street Lab partners called Spiio. Recently, Spiio has placed themselves in Silicon Valley after taking part in the BuildTech programme this year. We... Read more

Open Data

Copenhagen Open Data is the city’s portal to data about Copenhagen. It’s free and open to use and you can find data on traffic, infrastructure, cultural activities and much more. The... Read more

IoT Platform for Cities

The cities of Copenhagen, Antwerp and Helsinki will soon launch an innovation challenge to co-create the next generation IoT platform for cities. With a total budget of 5.6 million Euros, the EU... Read more