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City Data Exchange

The City Data Exchange will make it possible to purchase, sell and share a broad range of data types between all kinds of users in a city – citizens, public institutions and companies.

Hitachi is building an innovative platform for the city of Copenhagen. This project will contribute to Copenhagen’s ambitious goal of becoming the first carbon neutral city in 2025. It will also help improve quality of life for the citizens as well as bring new business opportunities to the city.

The platform is supported by the Copenhagen Municipality, CLEAN (a Danish clean-tech cluster), the Capital Region and a consortium of other partners. The objective is to take a further step beyond the existing open data platforms by developing a citywide marketplace for the purchase and sale of data between all sorts of users in the market. This marketplace is called the City Data Exchange and is the first of its kind to deliver and integrate public and private data at one place. In this way it will be possible for big established companies, small and medium-sized companies, start-up companies, universities and the public sector to collaborate by consolidating more diverse sources of information. This will meet the complex challenges within sustainability and quality of life.

More info on the the City Data Exchange at Hitachi and website






Street Lab

Street Lab is Copenhagen’s testarea for smart city solutions in real urban space based on the award-winning world best smart city concept Copenhagen Connecting. It will be a showcase for the newest technologies within smart city and IoT, to demonstrate the potential in these technologies to citizens, decision-makers and companies, and provide a proof of concept for scaling the qualified solutions to larger parts of the city, as well as to other cities in the region, nationally and abroad.

Street Lab is placed in the heart of Copenhagen, by the City Hall Square, H.C. Andersen Boulevard, the most congested inner city street and Vester Voldgade, a more quiet pedestrian street, and is just next door to CPH Solutions Lab.

Street Lab is developed in cooperation with both private and public actors and is aiming at a cross-sectoral approach to create a coherent and integrated setup. Various departments of the City of Copenhagen are involved, so that the professional experts from the departments provide their specialist knowledge in qualifying, selecting and evaluating the solutions to be tested.

Street Lab is developed in 2016 with the first selected use cases and the network infrastructure, and will be open for testing new solutions over a three-year period until 2018. The use cases that have been selected for testing in the first phase of the project are:

– Smart parking, Waste management, Air quality and noise monitoring, Water management, Mobility monitoring, City wifi for tourists, Data offloading, Asset tracking, Services for citizens and tourists

We would like to see the development of new solutions during the project, and companies are welcome to contact us, if they have solutions to show.

For more information contact project leader Rikke Gram-Hansen on




EnergyLab Nordhavn

Over the next four years the project “EnergyLab Nordhavn – New Urban Energy Infrastructures” will develop and demonstrate future energy solutions. The project utilizes Copenhagen’s Nordhavn as a full-scale smart city energy lab and demonstrates how electricity and heating, energy-efficient buildings and electric transport can be integrated into an intelligent, flexible and optimized energy system.

The project participants are: DTU, City of Copenhagen, CPH City & Port Development, HOFOR, Radius, ABB, Danfoss, Balslev, CleanCharge, Glen Dimplex, METRO THERM and the PowerLab facilities. The project is supported by EUPD (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme).

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IoT Platform for Cities

The cities of Copenhagen, Antwerp and Helsinki will soon launch an innovation challenge to co-create the next generation IoT platform for cities.

With a total budget of 5.6 million Euros, the EU Horizon 2020 project ‘Select for Cities’ takes form as a Pre-Commcercial-Procurement (PCP) process, where companies get cofunding to develop validated prototypes and test these in a real setting. The hope is that the prototypes will lead to future procurement of IoT platforms for many cities in Europe.

The call for tenders is expected to be announced in November 2016 and the PCP is expected to start at the beginning of 2017.

Read more about the project and the PCP process here:

Get in touch with the Project Team on

For questions about the City of Copenhagen’s participation, please contact Cecilie Pedersen



UNDERBROEN is a space for exploration of urban production and a meeting place for innovators and disruptors. It is a workshop with digital productions technology, a community and a meeting place in central Copenhagen.

UNDERBROEN is Danish for “under the bridge”. The workshop is situated right under Langebro in what used to municipal workshop facilities.


  • Help companies and organisation to learn and gain from innovation in the maker movement through open innovation processes
  • Teach digital production technology, design thinking and prototyping
  • Connect people, startups and small companies who need help with makers the the right skills
  • Production of almost everything from hardware devices to furniture
  • Knowledge sharing and debates on the broader implications of digital production
  • Memberships for those who wants to join UNDERBOREN and use the facilities and be part of the community

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Open Data

Copenhagen Open Data is the city’s portal to data about Copenhagen. It’s free and open to use and you can find data on traffic, infrastructure, cultural activities and much more.

The current open data sets are available on and

We are continously working on expanding Copenhagen Open Data with more data sets on the city. Get in touch with us if you have ideas or wishes for data, that we should search for. We would also like to hear from you, if you have a project based on open data, that you would like to show to us – we are always looking for good use cases.

Questions and comments on open data to Frans la Cour

Open Data




Meet us at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona
This year we will once again attend the Smart City Expo in Barcelona in order to share our knowledge, demonstrate

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Designing for Smart Citizens
Get your ticket to the inspiring conference ‘Designing for Smart Citizens’ on November 24 and meet our awesome colleague Rikke Gram-Hansen

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BLOXHUB Mornings event 28/10: Fablabs, sharing and local production
Next BLOXHUB Mornings event takes place on October 28th, 8-10AM Meet our colleague and co-founder of UNDERBROEN, Mikkel Christian Knudsen Holst, to

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Huge interest in smart city at CPH Climate Solutions 2016!
Today the annual climate conference in Copenhagen will open. More than 300 participants from across the world will come to

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June 8th was the day Street Lab officially opened!
Photo: Opening of Copenhagen Street Lab by Morten Kabell, Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs, Copenhagen In the last couple of

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SELECT market consultation events are over, but the dialogue continues
Last Monday June 6th we kickstarted the SELECT for Cities project here in Copenhagen with a face-to-face meeting at the City

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Building the Smart City network infrastructure
Right now, Street Lab is busy with the last preparations for the official opening on June 8. The photo shows

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Reminder for all SELECT for Cities followers
Dear all SELECT for Cities followers! The first SELECT for Cities Open Market Consultation (OMC) event is just around the

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Invitation to build the future IoE platform
Our SELECT for Cities event in Copenhagen is open for registrations! JOIN OUR EVENT IN COPENHAGEN ON JUNE 6TH Register here

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Vær med til at åbne det nye fede værksted og makerspace UNDERBROEN til sommer! Læs mere om eventet her: INVITATION UNDERBROEN 2016

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Invitation to join the Copenhagen Street Lab
Demonstrating Smart Parking solutions A cornerstone in the Street Lab is the demonstration of Smart Parking solutions that support the

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Smart City conference in June
Together with Gate 21, the cities of Copenhagen, Albertslund and Frederikssund will host a Smart City conference on the 6th-8th of June.

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Copenhagen Solutions Lab is the City of Copenhagen’s incubator for smart city initiatives. We work cross-departmental with the City’s administration and in partnership with local and international companies and knowledge institutions to create and test new ideas, technologies and solutions to real urban challenges, and create new ways to relate to urban planning and the built environment.

We are always happy to hear from people, who work with or are interested in smart city. Get in touch with us at

Marius Sylvestersen

Marius fotoMarius is the manager of Copenhagen Solutions Lab. He has  been working with the development and positioning of Denmark as a leading provider of smart city solutions since the country hosted the UN Climate Change Conference in 2009. Marius has a background in social science and has published books, articles and opinion pieces on subjects such as green economy, place branding and public private partnership.

In Copenhagen Solutions Lab Marius is responsible for program management, strategy development and partnerships.

Get in touch with Marius on and +45 21 93 65 20.

Rikke Gram-Hansen

Rikke fotoRikke is the project leader of Street Lab, the City of Copenhagen’s public-private innovation partnership with Cisco, TDC and Citelum, to create a living laboratory for testing and developing new digital solutions to urban challenges in the heart of Copenhagen. Rikke has worked with open data since 2008, to increase the innovative use and reuse of public data, enhance transparency and growth – and now she strives to employ her knowledge of data, digital infrastructure, internet of things and smart city in a sustainable, intelligent and responsible urban planning in Copenhagen.

Rikke has a background in philosophy and urban studies, and has a great interest in how digital technologies and data affect the city and its citizens and how this dynamic can be actively used in urban planning. She is an inspiring and engaged speaker on the future city.

Get in touch with Rikke on and +45 51 81 07 23.

Rasmus Bertelsen

fotoRasmus is working with the development of Street Lab and collaboration between national and international living labs. He has experience from both the private and public sector with urban development and all aspects of smart cities including policy, strategy, project development & management as well as stakeholder management and partnerships. Rasmus has a background in Philosophy and Human-Computer Interaction.

Get in touch with Rasmus at or +45 61 68 68 50.

Cecilie Ena Pedersen

Cecilie fotoCecilie is the Danish Project Manager of the EU Horizon 2020 Project SELECT for Cities, which aims to create large-scale Internet of Everything Labs across European cities. Cecilie has a background in international business development and innovation from the corporate sector and the tech startup scene, and she has a strong interest in how technologies can be used to make the cities smarter and more sustainable.

Get in touch with Cecilie on and +45 23 62 05 36

Tina Hjøllund

Tina is an experienced project manager and has worked with energy and environmental issues with a focus on citizen participation for more than 20 years. The last four years she has been working on smart city projects in the City of Copenhagen.  She has been project lead of smart urban lab in Nordhavn in the EU-project Transform (2012-15). She has great experience with cooperation with private partners and academia.  She has hold the position as Head of energy consultant department and worked with marketing and communication in Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR).

Background: IPMA level C certified, ​IAA Diploma market communication, Bachelor of commerce in marketing and Bachelor of nutrition and health.

Tina works together with Hitachi on the City Data Exchange and the EU-project Select for cities together with Helsinki and Antwerpen.

Get in touch with Tina on and +45 20 29 14 08

Kim Spiegelberg Stelzer

Kim fotoKim has a background with Urban development in Denmark and Urban Management in the Netherlands. The last four years he has worked with smart city strategies and smart city initiatives in Copenhagen. Kim combines his experience from previous jobs in the planning department for the inner city of Copenhagen and the department for digitalisation into tranforming the smart city visions and strategies of Copenhagen into real solutions.

Kim coordinates the smart city initiatives in the smart city project board.  The citys seven administrations and various living labs are represented.

He also works on conferences, privacy issues and other smart city projects

Get in touch with Kim on and + 45 26 11 28 34

Frans la Cour

Frans fotoFrans is responsible for technical and data issues in Copenhagen Soultions Lab. Frans comes from a project management and Big Data background in private sector consulting. Frans has an engineering background and has done training and consultancy for more than 20 years.

Frans is responsible for the Copenhagen Municipalitys open data platform and the Copenhagen Municipalitys stake in the national open data platform

Get in touch with Frans on and +45 40 72 72 33

Sara Hertz Gufler

sara_squareSara is the student assistant of Copenhagen Solutions Lab – so she makes a mean coffee in the office. She is also responsible for writing about Copenhagen Solutions Lab’s activities, facilitating meetings and workshops as well as answering enquiries and other ad hoc tasks.

Currently, she is enrolled in a masters program of Digital Innovation and Management at the IT University of Copenhagen. Sara has a background in Techno-Anthropology (Technology and Anthropology).

Get in touch with Sara on

Mikkel Christian Knudsen Holst

skaermbillede-2016-10-10-kl-15-46-33Mikkel is a part time member of the Copenhagen Solutions Lab team. Mikkel has focus on entrepreneurship policy and ‘smart citizens’: Citizen who participate, create and shape the smart city though various tools such as tactical urbanism, physical prototyping and open innovation.