Data Platforms

Open Data
Copenhagen Open Data is the city’s portal to data about Copenhagen. It’s free and open to use and you can

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IoT Platform for Cities
The cities of Copenhagen, Antwerp and Helsinki will soon launch an innovation challenge to co-create the next generation IoT platform for cities. With a total

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City Data Exchange
The City Data Exchange is a private/public collaboration to examine the possibilities of private/public data exchange. The project will examine

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Living Labs

Street Lab
Street Lab is Copenhagen’s testarea for smart city solutions in real urban space based on the award-winning world best smart city

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EnergyBlock is the test site of Copenhagen Solutions Labs for Decentralised Energy and Blockchain solutions. It will explore the potential

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UNDERBROEN is a space for exploration of urban production and a meeting place for innovators and disruptors. It is a workshop

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Circular Economy Workshop January 24
The City of Copenhagen is currently developing initiatives for the future circular city.  Copenhagen Solutions Lab plays an active role

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6A fra Bellahøjskolen laver spil med byens data
24 elever, en lærer og to undervisere fra Coding Class CPH præsenterede var mødt op for at vise hvordan de kunne

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Catalogue: How to promote data use in companies
The Partnership for Open Public Data has produced a catalogue of possible efforts to promote the use of open public

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Fra data til forretningsmuligheder
Erhvervsstyrelsen, Danske Regioner, KL og Open Data DK inviterer virksomheder og offentlige myndigheder til en inspirations – og dialogkonference om

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Market dialogue – intelligent rat control
The municipality of Copenhagen is the country’s largest with just over 600,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 86 square

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Competition: Circular Economy Hub South Harbor
In collaboration with Climate-KIC, the Integrated Urban Renewal Initiative of South Harbor (Copenhagen Municipality) invites all entrepreneurs with a circular

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Kronik: Her er tre pointer, der skaber mere intelligente og bæredygtige byer
“Vores analyse viser, at selvom teknologien er vigtig for udviklingen af connected cities, er der også »blødere« drivers i spil

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With more and more people living in cities, existing urban infrastructures come under pressure. Municipalities are facing large investments to

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Tender Winners Announced!
SELECT for Cities would like to thank all the organisations and consortia who submitted a bid in response to our Pre-Commercial

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Copenhagen Solutions Lab is the City of Copenhagen’s incubator for smart city initiatives. We work cross-departmental with the City’s administration and in partnership with local and international companies and knowledge institutions to create and test new ideas, technologies and solutions to real urban challenges, and create new ways to relate to urban planning and the built environment.

We are always happy to hear from people, who work with or are interested in smart city. Get in touch with us at

Marius Sylvestersen

Marius fotoMarius is the manager of Copenhagen Solutions Lab. He has  been working with the development and positioning of Denmark as a leading provider of smart city solutions since the country hosted the UN Climate Change Conference in 2009. Marius has a background in social science and has published books, articles and opinion pieces on subjects such as green economy, place branding and public private partnership.

In Copenhagen Solutions Lab Marius is responsible for program management, strategy development and partnerships.

Get in touch with Marius on and +45 21 93 65 20.

Rasmus Bertelsen

fotoRasmus is the primary project leader for Street Lab. He has experience from both the private and public sector with urban development and all aspects of smart cities including policy, strategy, project development & management and partnerships. Rasmus has a background in Philosophy and Human-Computer Interaction.

Get in touch with Rasmus at or +45 61 68 68 50.

Cecilie Ena Pedersen

Cecilie fotoCecilie is the Danish Project Manager of the EU Horizon 2020 Project SELECT for Cities, which aims to create large-scale Internet of Everything Labs across European cities. Cecilie has a background in international business development and innovation from the corporate sector and the tech startup scene, and she has a strong interest in how technologies can be used to make the cities smarter and more sustainable.

Get in touch with Cecilie on

Tina Hjøllund

tina2Tina is an experienced project manager and has worked with energy and environmental issues with a focus on citizen participation for more than 20 years. The last four years she has been working on smart city projects in the City of Copenhagen.  She has been project lead of smart urban lab in Nordhavn in the EU-project Transform (2012-15). She has great experience with cooperation with private partners and academia.  She has hold the position as Head of energy consultant department and worked with marketing and communication in Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR).

Background: IPMA level C certified, IAA Diploma market communication, Bachelor of commerce in marketing and Bachelor of nutrition and health.

Tina works together with Hitachi on the City Data Exchange and the EU-project Select for cities together with Helsinki and Antwerpen.

Get in touch with Tina on and +45 20 29 14 08

Kim Spiegelberg Stelzer

Kim fotoKim has a background with Urban development in Denmark and Urban Management in the Netherlands. The last four years he has worked with smart city strategies and smart city initiatives in Copenhagen. Kim combines his experience from previous jobs in the planning department for the inner city of Copenhagen and the department for digitalisation into tranforming the smart city visions and strategies of Copenhagen into real solutions.

Kim coordinates the smart city initiatives in the smart city project board.  The citys seven administrations and various living labs are represented.

He also works on conferences, privacy issues and other smart city projects

Get in touch with Kim on and + 45 26 11 28 34

Frans la Cour

Frans fotoFrans is responsible for technical and data issues in Copenhagen Soultions Lab. Frans comes from a project management and Big Data background in private sector consulting. Frans has an engineering background and has done training and consultancy for more than 20 years.

Frans is responsible for the Copenhagen Municipalitys open data platform and the Copenhagen Municipalitys stake in the national open data platform

Get in touch with Frans on and +45 40 72 72 33

Rasmus Reeh

Rasmus Reeh is project lead and developer of smart energy and climate projects. A trained sociologist and economist, he has worked intensively on the transition to renewables energy production and the sociological and economical perspectives of the adoption of the new energy technologies and systems solutions. He leads the EnergyBlock and Innovatorium projects at Copenhagen Solutions Lab.

Get in touch with Rasmus on and +45 50 50 15 48

Anna Sofie Jacobsen

Anna’s work  in Copenhagen Solutions Lab focuses on strategic value creation. Anna is working on how Copenhagen Solutions Lab can support the municipal administrations in solving the complex problems of the city of Copenhagen in partnerships with the market. Anna has a background in the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial affairs and the Danish Government’s Innovation Lab – Mindlab. Anna has an educational background in urban development and international business administration.

Get in touch with Anna on


Mikkel Christian Knudsen Holst

skaermbillede-2016-10-10-kl-15-46-33Mikkel is a part time member of the Copenhagen Solutions Lab team. Mikkel has focus on entrepreneurship policy and ‘smart citizens’: Citizen who participate, create and shape the smart city though various tools such as tactical urbanism, physical prototyping and open innovation.

 Get in touch with Mikkel on

Christina Anderskov

Christina is our project manager for regional engagement and has a background in social anthropology and an international master degree in responsible management (CSR). She has worked with the international urban agenda on climate change and sustainability since the UN Climate Conference (UNFCCC) in Copenhagen 2009. Christina has a broad international experience from both the NGO, public and private sector and works with public private partnerships, business and growth and strategy development on cross cutting issues.

Get in touch with Christina on

Lasse Bundgaard

Lasse is an Industrial Ph.d. student hosted by Copenhagen Solutions Lab who studies at Copenhagen Business Schools’ Department of Business and Politics. Lasse has professional experience from the City of Copenhagens’ Business & Growth department, and academic experience within public organizations’ role in innovation and in particular demand-side innovation policy.

Malene Pedersen

Malene works with the usage of geographical data and data visualization in relation to problem solving in public administration. Her main work focuses on the usage and collection methods of human movement data, in relation to urban planning. Malene has a background in the intersection of social, urban and data related issues with a bachelor from Copenhagen University in Sociology, focusing at urban sociology and graduated from the University College London with an MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics.

Get in touch with Malene on

Christian Gaarde Nielsen

Christian is supporting projects and business development. With an education as M.Sc. in Sustainable Cities and experience from both the public and private sector within urban planning he brings holistic viewpoints and skill sets to the team. His broad knowledge of different aspects of urban development regarding the integration of economic, social and environmental purposes helps to think across sectors, include relevant stakeholders and analyze consequences in multiple areas.

Get in touch with Christian on

What We Do

Smart city thinking challenges the status quo of managing cities. It requires political courage and a holistic approach to public management to create efficiencies and sustainable growth. This can be achieved by involving businesses, knowledge institutions and citizens more deeply in creating smart urban solutions.

Copenhagen, like many other large cities, suffers from massive problems with congestion and flash floods; this and the ambitious climate targets are reasons for the need to rethink how the city’s solutions are structured in new smart ways, such as the utilization of big data and new technologies.

The Copenhagen Solutions Lab will be a new governing body for smart city projects across all sectors in the city and will have focus on creating triple helix partnerships. Copenhagen Solutions Lab will lead the implementation of innovation and smart city development in close collaboration with knowledge institutions and companies as well as citizens. New ITS solutions, reduced carbon emissions, implementation of sensors that create real time data and information on current situations in the city and the build up and architecture of a new ‘Big Data Digital Infrastructure Platform’ that shares data across public and private sectors will all be working focus points within the Lab.

Below you will find our Action Plan for 2017 and 2018 (Danish):
Copenhagen Solutions Lab Handlingsplan 2017-2018 Resume

Below the projects in the Action Plan have been translated to English:
Copenhagen Solutions Lab Handlingsplan 2017-2018 Projects English